OP1 Field, Android phone & OTG

Hey guys, attempting to get my android phone to recognise OP1 field via USB C OTG cable.

OP1 won’t sample, say from YouTube or Spotify. Just zero volume. Likewise, the camera doesn’t seem to recognise OP audio for things like video camera or sound recorder.

Any ideas? I must be missing something??

not super familair w/ android
but maybe the OTG cable is not necessary?

since the op1f is a usb host
its kinda like plugging 2 hosts together which won’t work

maybe try w/o the OTG cable

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Can you get a USB C to USB C lead?! Sorry for my ignorance!!

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almost positive u can yes

also would make extra extra sure that u’ve checked all your settings on both the op1 and the phone are setup properly.
just in case its something silly like that

This one came with my TX-6 but they’re fairly common, I believe. Pretty sure my Samsung phone came with one too.

And you also get one with the op-1 Field. It is under the Velcro rings in the box.

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Hey all I found the USB C lead in the box! Still not working though - just to confirm what do I need to do on the op1 settings wise?

i don’t have an android phone, but on iphone i just need to press shift + com and select the usb symbol.