OP1 field export over wi-fi direct to YouTube/bandcamp etc

Just been playing on OP1 with the kids. It’s all spontaneous fun until you want to share an A / B mixdown that you’ve made. Then suddenly you have to plug it all in and generally start farting about with a computer.

It would be great if you could export finished songs over wi-fi direct to a sharing platform, YouTube, bandcamp, even an mp3 on Google drive.

OP1F has wi-fi, I guess they must be thinking of this as an option, unless it’s in already and I’ve missed it?


Where does the OP-1F have WiFi?

Bluetooth LE and FM Radio, but I haven’t heard anything about WiFi, unless I’m missing something?

Oh, I’m an OG OP1 hold out. Assumed it did.

No wifi

You can easily record the track on your phone / computer with usb audio and upload it quickly

Moan moan moan