OP1 Field monitor multiple inputs (USB C + 3.5mm)

What’s your best small format solution to get USB-C Audio + 3.5mm Audio into the OP1 via USB-C adapter simultaneously?

I’d like to play through the OP1, while monitoring audio from Ableton Note on my Iphone + my guitar signal via Nux Mighty Plug for the ultimate portable set-up. It would ideal if the OP1 could be set to monitor multiple inputs but unless I’m missing something that’s not possible.

I see a number of signal splitters that combine USB-C & 3.5mm > to USB-C, but they all say “charging” which means that they don’t merge the signals, just pass the 3.5mm signal while charging through the USB-C port.

I’ve looked up USB-C & 3.5mm mixer and haven’t found anything that fits the bill for what I’m trying to do. Surely I can’t be the only one trying to do this…

Help me OP1 forum you’re my only hope!

Edit: reply deleted as I see you already asked in another thread.

Did you respond there again? I don’t see another response from you. This question is slightly different - how to monitor both signals at once