OP1 Field stems transfer into DAW

Hey all, i tried connecting my OP-1F using the MTP and when i dragged the .wav file into my track lane, the sound file was insanely distorted. how do i get the sound file to be useable?

Could you please share more infos? In particular :

  • what DAW?
  • what file format?
  • have you tried to first transfer to your computer and then transfer to your DAW?
  • how hot was the file recorded at?

If possible at all, could you share the file or, at least, film the whole ordeal?

He’s most likely using Ableton,

The same happens to me, so i just record each track separately into the daw using the USB-c Audio.

I read somewhere it has something to do with Ableton not supporting the Sample rate or something like that.

You’d have to convert it within a different software and then drag into Ableton.

Seemed like a much tedious process then just recording straight in.

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Ableton, i copy the folder over onto my computer from the op1, and then drag the track into a track lane. i feel like the recorded track volumes are normal while in the op1. when i just open the .wav file it plays normally in an mp3 player. really strange issue

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As @Laen was saying, it probably is due to sample rates conversion issues.
I, for one, import the op1f .wav files in Logic. Upon doing so, Logic asks me if I’d like to convert them to my session’s sample rate (going from the op1f 44,1 to my session’s 48). Works fine.
Could be a number of format issues - sample rate issues are the most common but not the only culprits.

But now, I’m curious about this issue.

You’d need to investigate a bit more into Ableton’s settings - as well as your whole system.

IIRC its not hte sample rate
its the bit depth. isn’t the field something weird like 32bit floating?
thats what ableton does not handle well


The field must use 32-bit PCM, which is uncommon. Ableton can handle 32-bit floating point (that’s what it uses internally) or 24-bit PCM, but not 32-bit PCM. Worse, instead of just showing an error when you load a 32-bit PCM file into Ableton, it plays it back incorrectly and sounds awful (might even pose a risk to speakers or ears). You can convert the file using another program.

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any good recommendations to a program i can use as a go between?

I had the same. Audacity worked for me to set them to 24bit

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Seems like this isn’t much of an issue really, with some clear and easy fixes. But isn’t that just ‘So Teenage Engineering’ to use an obscure bit depth that isn’t widely supported. 32bit float is talked about enough with HiFi stuff so I wonder if they did 32pcm for the marketing?

B/c everywhere they could say it, they said 32
Only to have to convert it anyway to use the audio in a daw

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i used audacity to convert the bit depth, it was pretty simple actually. after you drag the track into a lane there is a drop down menu on the left side of the track that gives you an easy convert. then i just export the multiple tracks at the new 24 bit depth and drag it into ableton. a little bit of a pain in the butt i guess but not that big of a deal. I wish TE would just give you the option to use 24bit pcm or 32bit as an option for the tape youre using. Maybe in a future update???

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Switch audio file converter. Its free

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