OP1.fun patches distorted on OP-Z


I’ve just downloaded two 808 patches from op1.fun. They sound clear on the website and if I download them to my computer also sound clear, but once loaded to the op-z the kicks (most obviously) and other sounds are sounding distorted.

I tried opening it up in the sampler and adjusting gain down but it just gets quieter but still there is the distorted clipping.

Has anyone encountered this before? Can someone test this on their op-z? The two patches are below:


I’ve now made a fresh kit in Drum Utility app with undistorted legowelt samples and on the op-z they are coming out with a distorted clipping sound too.

What could be the cause of this?

Perhaps there is a master gain or punch or whatever turned up?

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If I swap kits to the samples included on the op-z in the same pattern those default sounds don’t seem to have the clipping, but custom samples do.

IMO there is an issue with how the Z imports samples. I’ve had similar issues with certain samples as well and I posted about it before. I’m not sure what it is but it could be the frequency content of the samples or who knows what.

The only thing that sort of fixes it is actually using an op1 to export the samples from there and then import into the Z. I know my way around the OP-Z like the back of my hand so I know I’m not doing anything wrong or overlooking some setting.

Also another option that can work sometimes is to just lower the volume of the sample until it doesn’t sound distorted anymore. (It will be really low) You will then have to turn down the other tracks by a lot to get an even sound.

I suspect that the OP-Z does some weird processing on imported samples that alters the sound. The OP-Z I think adds some type of optimization/code to the samples that could be affecting it. The same sample doesn’t sound bad on a Op1 or Octatrack so there’s something going on with the Z. It’s a bit frustrating to be honest and most people brush it off as user error.

Lastly it could be that you are maxing out your sample memory. The Z can only handle 24mb of sample memory right now.


Thank you for your insights! I will try some workarounds.

Good to know I’m not going mad.

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