Op1 hidden fx?

Hi! first time poster here :slight_smile:
i find an hidden filter fx while loading a preset from op1.fun (the preset is called piano)
i can’t find a way to use this fx on my own preset… somebody can help me?
(sorry if it has been asked before… i search in the forum but i found nothing)

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No direct way. Just use that patch you downloaded and replace the synth by pressing Shift + 1.

No idea why they still haven’t added this Filter FX to the menus. It’s very useful.

Iter engine is okay too.

u can unlock them in your menus for normal use by using the firmware repacking tool

see this thread for info

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thank you both for the info!

What’s is this FX I’ve never seen this before

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This is the hidden “filter” FX?
In OP1 there is an hidden “ITER” engine and “FILTER” FX that can be found in (and unlocked through copied/pasted from) this patch:

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