Battle 87 - Go back to the start

Hi all,
Here are the suggested rules for Battle 87!

  1. All production must take place on the OP-1: mixing, “mastering”, etc. Computer editing can include only normalization and a fade in and/or a fade out.
  2. In the spirit of “spring cleaning,” go back to the start - do a backup of the current state of your OP-1. Then do a FACTORY RESET so your OP-1 is fresh…no custom presets or samples - one exception, if you want to use the Iter engine and/or the hidden Filter FX, you can hook back up and load the preset from the forum link below ONLY:
    Op1 hidden fx? - #6 by LyingDalai
  3. Craft a piece using only the stock sounds. You can sample something new, edit presets, use any or all of the synth engines.
  4. One piece of external kit is allowed.
  5. Deadline is (Northern Hemisphere) Summer Solstice, June 21, 00:01 Eastern Daylight Time.
  6. Have some fun, and as always…
  7. Don’t take yourself too damn seriously!

Go forth and reset!


sounds like fun! gonna get started early on this one.

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nice up! cleared up some things and made a beat.

hope you will enjoy it


Nice idea. I had to reset recently. Lets see where this goes.

Here is my (non-votable) entry and my adherence to my own rules:
0) Normalized & faded-out in Audacity

  1. i did load “iter” (like you knew i all would)
  2. Used iter, cluster, string, sampler, dsynth, phase, dr wave synths & drum sampler
  3. As my “extra”, i sampled my Make Noise Strega (opening sustained tone)
  4. Well ahead
  5. Yes
  6. Maybe

#OP1 #teenageengineering #onthego #onthetrain #battle87 #battle087 #factoryReset1

Let’s keep 'em coming!

(P.S. soundcloud link for playlist purposes: Stream 230608-OP1-Battle87-factory-reset-i by psound74 | Listen online for free on SoundCloud )

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Ok, 1 week to go!

Get. It. Reset.

Let’s hear some more entries!!!


With only one votable entry so far, how are people doing out there? Anyone need a week extension?


an extension would be great.

Blessed Summer Solstice, your wish is granted! New deadline is 00:01 EDT June 28!


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Attempt 1. Mostly Dr Wave, String, Pulse, and Sampler.

Ok, deadline’s looming, let’s get the reset entries in!!!