OP1 Keeps jumping to sequencer page???

Hi all,

Just sat down to have my first play on a recently replaced OP1.

While playing it has jumped to the Sequencer page without me pressing the sequencer button about 5 times in the past hour.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it a known firmware fault or am I looking at another repair/replacement request?

I’m running the latest firmware and have tried resetting to factory defaults with no effect.


Actually that’s happened to me a few times. I assumed it was some button combination causing it to be weird as I was mashing whenever it happened.

Thanks daninski.

Are you running the latest Firmware? When did you purchase your OP1? Mine was a replacement for a faulty mic in December 2014.

My issue happens quite regularly with no apparent combination of specific keys required to trigger it.

I'm uploading a short video to vimeo now, will post here shortly.

Video of the fault occurring at 0.22 & 0.36. Password is “sequencer” https://vimeo.com/120779811

Mine was December 2013 I think. Latest firmware.

Yep, watched the video - same thing basically.

I get that although its more infrequent so I didn’t bother changing it.I bought mine in July/Aug 2014.
It also jumps to user program 8.

Thanks Spheric.

Yeah when I set up the video it happened about three times in 3 minutes, however, I just played for an hour and it didn’t happen once. Hoping it’s a firmware bug.

Am waiting for a response from TE so I’ll update here as and when.

Thanks for the feedback!