Op1 keys only work in midi mode

Two of the keys on my op1 have become intermittently unresponsive, which I’ve tried to just live with, since cleaning hasn’t helped. However, today I connected my op1 to my DAW as a midi controller for the first time and discovered that in midi mode, the two faulty keys are perfectly responsive! Sadly if I go back to the normal non midi mode, they start to fail again.

This tells me that the problem perhaps isn’t related to the hardware, but I’m not sure. Has anyone encountered this before and/or does this suggest a way that I could get the two keys working again in non midi mode?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Silly, standard question. Have you performed a function test to make sure the keyboard is indeed working? Boot the OP-1 with the COM button pressed. If it’s all working and it’s still not triggering, try a factory reset.
I have never encountered this issue, yet, but I’ve come to learn (or speculate), that most of the issues with the OP-1 appear to be software related, not hardware. I’ve run into other issues, and some get fixed with the reset, some are still there…