Op1 + korg volca

Ok so I’m now curious to know how to go from op1 to korg volca using midi. Also if it’s possible to go from korg volca to op1 using midi. What exactly do I need to do this?? Camera connection kit? Are there several options?

I use the op-lab for this sort of thing, but that is mostly out of brand loyalty

If you want Volca to talk MIDI, you need a MIDI out mod.

For the other way around, I use ICM4+

what are you trying to achieve?

@dimi3 I’m trying to match tempos and record to tape simultaneously. Will any iconnectmidi do? Or does it have to be the 4?

The OG iconnectmidi midi will do. A computer or iPad/iPhone will also do. OPLab as well.

@dimi3 so I could go op1>macbook>volca>op1?

Oh right, you haven’t said “without a computer” : You may not need to buy anything if you have a computer + MIDI out gear

yes you could totally!