OP1 latency issues?

Hey all, longtime lurker, first time poster, glad to be here:)
So last night I was on my OP1, CWO filter on mixer, punch on dsynth with a 32 note endless sequence running. There was audible buffering crackle, a lot of latency between the sounds made by encoders and keyboard, and the graphics on the OLED were slowed down, like an overloaded NES game. Has anyone else experienced this? Thoughts?

ive had my OP1 since launch. sometimes it just acts strangely. sounds like a format is in order. hold COM while booting and run the various tests. dont forget to backup all you samples/patches first.

Hey MOS, thanks for the reply! Ive noticed strange behavior before in the past, including a couple of crashes with the freaky coded out screen. It can be such a temperamental beast of a machine, but this sometimes makes it seem more like a living breathing being of its own, as frustrating as that can be. It was late and I was too tired to note the remaining battery life, but I was wondering (and am going to check) if possibly OP1 was tired (low battery) too and having a hard time finding the energy reserves to do all that I was asking of it.

CWO doesn’t mix the dry signal into the output, so if you turn up delay without feedback it will introduce delay before the wet signal arrives.

Dsynth sometimes overtaxes the CPU though (full battery or not) and can cause the system to get laggy. I haven’t had the sound break up, but I have had it miss recording start cues because of it and things like that.

Had a feeling the dsynth mighta been the culprit. This bums me out just a little, but thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I’ve also had crackles from dsynth when it starts doing the laggy thing. Better to record to tape with master effect turned off, if possible…