Op1 midi clock sync to logic

hello guys, I’m a fresh original op1 user, I have the latest Logic Pro on my Mac but the op1 doesn’t sync the clock or bpm to match the one on my DAW, I’ve watched every video about this on YouTube but nothing seems to work… I need your help
much appreciated

Did you switch the op-1 to sync mode under the metronome button?

yes I did brother and whenever I push the space button on laptop the op1 tempo doesnt match and no EXT is shown on op1

could it be a firmware and logic version compatibility problem?

have u confirmed logic is sending out clock and transport messages?

u could always try a factory reset on your op1
sometimes helps weird glitches on that end

thanks for the reply bro, after I updated the firmware to 245 I thought this was the problem while troubleshooting , so I DID a factory reset
on the other hand, how can I be sure that logic is sending clock data?