Op1 midi controller Mod wheel

I’ve been having trouble since day 1 getting the op1 encoders to act as a mod wheel for my moog voyager hooked up thru iconnect midi4 with the mpc1000 as the master and op1 acting as midi keyboard controller in order to use its funky sequencer. Can anyone point me in the right direction, I really don’t want to purchase a midi keyboard controller just for a modwheel

mod wheel is CC1 so provided you're on the 1st channel, the blue encoder should (though i'm not sure it does) send CC via the midi channel as defined in shift+com, then shift, (to change turn the blue encoder while holding shift).
Make sure your iconnectmidi4 isn't filtering out the OP1s CCs, or routing them elsewhere

Thank you, that did work! Just to be sure when I switch to the shift, .com screen I am committed to that screen correct? I can’t go back play a sequence and modulate that sound while the sequence is playing? Ive had to commit to the sequence then activate that screen (shift, .com, ctrl) and modulate it in realtime i assume while recording to your daw

You can use a MIDI LFO to assign incoming CC to up to 4 parameters !

most of the time while you’re looking at another screen, the blue encoder already does something there…

If you use it in MIDI Mode you can’t use the internal sequencer can you?

And if you use the internal sequencer with the Voyager (I love to do it too!) then you don’t have the chance to send CC1 from the OP-1 (although the pitch bend values and octaveup/down work fine)

What I would do would be to use the CV input on the Voyager with an expression pedal, its way cheaper than a controller and you don’t need your hands to use it