OP1 not always turning on first time?

Hey OP1-ers

I recently started getting a problem with my OP1 in that sometimes when i flick the switch to turn it on nothing happens. If i flick the switch off / on a few times then my OP1 does come to life quite happily. This is only intermittent and doesnt hold me up all that much, but it did get me worried if it might be indicative of some more serious problem looming on the horizon…? (aka, wont turn on ever…)

Any one else getting this?

awfits x

Seems like your connector board is dodgy. I have the same issue. Sometimes it will switch off when playing the furthermost right keys. They seem to be out of stock of this part at the moment. I have learnt to deal with this problem for over a year now. Frustrating but it is what it is.

I had this problem when I first got mine. It did it most of the time and sometimes would just randomly turn off then on if it seemed I looked at it the wrong way.

TE thought it was to do with the paint being too thick around the switch so it wasnt getting fully to ‘on’ all the time and suggested using a scalpel to scrape away some of the paint. I wasn’t convinced it was this problem.
It seemed to me more like it was dirt/dust in the switch not giving a good connection.

I spent maybe half an hour switching the switch on and off continually (not fast though). When I was sliding the switch on and off I was also pressing against it so that it was ‘grinding’ what’s inside - if that makes sense.

Since then I had no other bother with the power switch.

Worth giving that a go before buying a new board or sending to TE to get fixed!!!

Thanks for the thoughts guys!

I’ll try the lots of wiggling option first, then in general live with it and hope the connector board holds out :smiley:

Can you buy just that part from TE?