OP1, OP-Z(w/modules), PO, Blackbox & midi out setup help?


Hi all, first post!

My experience with teenage engineering is basically null.

I owned an op z for a while and got used to it but not being able to visually identify what was what beyond the first measure got to me so I let it go.

I not so long ago picked up an op 1. Pretty cool thing for sure.

An op z popped up cheap and I had seen somewhere the op z visuals could be seen on the 1 so I grabbed it. It has the line & Oplab modules. The ep-133 was a no brainer for me as I’m a sampler person.

I have a diverse studio using Eurorack & midi gear. The master clock originates in the modular domain and that is non negotiable (at this stage).

I need to sync up all these bits n bobs and would like some info, advice & any recommendations or tips to get it all together?

The way I plan to go about it is having the Modular clock enter the ep-133 sync in & the blackbox clock in.

From either of those I have midi out options so I guess the studio is covered?

I’m curious as to how you guys would intergrate the op z , op 1 and the po?

I do use a lumpy clock sometimes, the ko 2 handles it really well. I suspect the op z will also. I am sure this is going to be an issue with the op 1 & not sure how well the po will keep up?

So I ask? Can I run Modular clock or the ep-133 sync out into the op z line module? And what cable do I use?

If that’s possible can I then run sync cable into op 1? (Again what cable?)

I’m guessing once I get the mod clock into OP-Z I can just run usb to op 1 though I would like to try both ways if possible and see what if any differences or advantage?

And finally the pocket operator? Can the ep-133 send 2 separate sync outs? One for the line/Oplab modules and “another” for the PO? Again what cable?

Definitely not clear on the cable situation with these devices? I do know teenage engineering cables are hard to come by here! Are there other cable options that will work or?

Sorry there is a bit here for one post though I hope some can pitch in and help clarify where I’m short of understanding?

Thank you.