OP1 & OPZ DRUMKITs & DRUM BREAK Patches ••••••π

gang of custom made op1 & opz drum kits & drum break patches
a pack contains anywhere from 27-40 patches each.
$5 // pack. help me keep the lights on. thanks for checking


much love

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Weak. Make them $0 and ask for a donation.

whoa buddy
i been sharing my patches for free for years.
all i’m asking is for a lil sustenance for my time and effort
nobody getting rich relax
$5 is about 15 cents a patch per pack. seems more than fair

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Purple rain + OPZ = tag team…

Not to cause anymore argument, but I just felt like chiming in…

I think there’s no problem with you selling your drumkits. For people who want free drumkits there are more than enough out there, so they don’t have to buy yours if they don’t feel like spending money.

I completely understand that you don’t want to part with your hard work for nothing…so good luck with the sales!

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My point is, this sub is for sharing patches not selling them. I see no problem in asking for a donation, but take it to the Buy/Sell sub if you want to sell them.

fair enough, my mistake then, but to be fair, your point was lost in your original comment

added a bundle. all 4 for $15 (25%off)
thanks to all the supports so far and in the future!

Bought the bundle. Thanks for putting all these together.

@PLNB said:
Purple rain + OPZ = tag team…


@jazzmess said:
Bought the bundle. Thanks for putting all these together.

thanks g much appreciated!

heres a few freebies i whipped up plus all the original wavs
(couldn’t fit them all into the patches)

can’t seem to upload/attach any files on here so i put em up on my site real quick
(click the second “BOUTIQUE” to D/L)


Yo, am I doing something wrong with these? Some of the loops are perfectly chopped, like the classic 96 beats, (also available for free on op1.fun) but most are not chopped very well. I am going to need to spend a bunch of time to make all of them useable… There are allot of loops here…

they should be good…? i use them all and don’t recall having problems
can u point me to which ones u having trouble w/?
is it just the drum breaks (loops)?
how are the kits?

Thanks for getting back to me. the drum kits work, each key has an individual drum hit. It’s the drum break loops. All the chops are off. I just tried downloading your classic 89 patch from op1.fun and it works fine, but the version in the pack I downloaded the chops are in different places.

thats weird! they are the exact same patch files. like not a copy of it or a remake. one in the same.

maybe something is wrong in the conversion from bandcamp?
or something weird happened when u downloaded?
i dunno just thinking outloud…maybe try downloading them again?
email me please if u need another set of codes

i just went thru and checked a handful of them myself and they seem more than fine.

when i get some more time to sit down w/ it this weekend/next week, i’ll download them myself off the bandcamp and see what happens/compare

sorry about the troubles man! i’ll get ya sorted

I think I figured it out. I bought the 4 pack, only one of them downloaded as .aif. When I try to re download them I don’t see a way to download files with that file extension as an option from bandcamp. Any advice?

i uploaded them all .aif’s
as far as i know bandcamp offers .aif as an extension to DL

like i said email me and i’ll send u a new set of codes maybe thats it?

mine looks like this, u click that lil arrow next to WAV and select AIFF
if it needs to be AIF but its AIFF (i dont think this matters)
u can just change the extension and it should be fine
(pretty sure i’ve done that before)

i originally wanted to just zip up all the patches and add it as a bonus download item
but unfortunately bandcamp does not allow zips or anything like that :frowning:

alright i figured out a way around bandcamp not allowing zips.

so basically i uploaded all the original patches zipped up w/ each pack
as bonus content that will be included in your download

i changed the extension of the .zip to .doc
so you’ll see the file name.zip.doc
if you just erase the .doc and keep the .zip
it should revert back to .zip and u can unzip as usual
i also added a .txt file w/ these simple instructions

i tested it myself by downloading it from bandcamp and doing the above
and it worked for me.

hopefully this should alleviate any issues anyone might have
w/ the .aiff file extension or bandcamp’s file formatting going forward

anyone who purchased, if u having the same issues or just want the OG files
u should be able to re-use the DL codes that u were given to download again
if it doesn’t work, email me and i’ll send u another set

thanks for bringing this to my attention
and sorry for all the hoopla

@docshermsticks Probably better off selling them on sellfy, it is a much better platform for sound packs than bandcamp, you can put them in a zip file with documentation etc and the customer gets the pack in a simple download, no need to select any options etc.