Op1 sampling from the radio

I have some problems in sampling from the radio. I go in the sampling page. I chose the radio and select a station. I press shift and a key on the keyboard and it starts recording. After 12 seconds it says that the recording is ok but nothing happens. The screen stays green with the recording ok message.
Where do I find my recording? Thanks

I noted that when the radio is playing on the screen does not appear “to sample” but “input”.
How can I select “to sample”?

Hey Gfex,

off the top of my head you have to select either a synth sample engine or a drum sample engine. Then with either one selected switch to the radio using the input button, hold a key when ready to sample then switch back to which ever engine type you chose. In input mode, the blue knob will let you select between input sampling, radio, USB or resampling what the OP1 is outputting.

As always, the manual is your friend:

YouTube has plenty to reference as well.

Good luck!