OP1 Screen freeze + Won't turn off

Hi there! I just ran into a problem with my OP-1. I loaded in some new samples and while I was playing with different sequencers, my OP1 freezed on the “Marx was Right” window, with some coding/letters on top of it. Problem is: it won’t turn off, so I don’t know how to do a reset right now. Any tips?

Have you tried connecting to a USB port?

Of course, It will turn off once the battery runs out, but that will be bad for the OLED display. The only way I can think of is to open it and disconnect the battery.

Hey what happened? Was it fixed?

Have the same problem. Did you manage to fix it?

Haha. Figured it out myself. For anyone else who runs in to this problem: Press and hold “COM” while turning the power off.