OP1 Screen Problem / Any Ideas?

Hi There

I got myself an OP1 last year in August. When I used it for the first time I noticed one malfunctioning pixel (always yellow) but didn’t really bother because it was in the upper edge on the right side of the Screen and almost unnoticable when using the OP1 normally. However after maybe 6-8 Months, the Screen started to lag more and more until half of the screen went dead. Since I wasn’t using the OP1 much and didn’t really carry it around, I was wondering what the problem could be (Hardware / Software).
I managed to update the Firmware and since then the wole screen started working again. But depending on wich Synth I am using or if I am in tape mode etc, the screen ruckles/lags more or less.

If any of you might know what the Problem is or had it too, I'd be glad for some help.