OP1 select mix FX type but without it coming on immediately?

Loving op1 again hugely.

To select a new mix effect I press mix and then 3 and then use blue to select FX type. But the FX come on immediately. Is there a way to select FX without it coming on, then switch on by pressing 3 (which switches FX on and off)?

select it before you need it, then turn it off. now press 3 to turn it on when you need it?

not exactly
but the custom firmware repacker has a subtle fx default setting
that kinda helps in this type of situation
the fx turn on but the settings are dialed way back so they don’t always fuck up the vibe

Oh is there niche firmware that works? I did not know that.

Will try to reset FX to unobtrusive before switching off to leave in neutral state.

Well well, blink and you miss it. Not sure I can make time for the hassle and am on 0243 but nice to see. GitHub - op1hacks/op1repacker: 🗜 Tool for unpacking, modifying and repacking firmware for the OP-1 synth by Teenage Engineering.

literally takes 2 minutes to do
works on all the firmwares

The FX defaults on the OP-1 F seem a lot more subtle, which I like.