OP1 sending CC´s UNHEARD OF

A thing I noticed today is the OP1 sending certain midi events to my volca drum.
They´re connected via a RK005 usb to din, just for synchronizing the clock.

But what happened today was the OP1 sending Program Changes (Volca goes to next/previous pattern)
whenever I pressed shift+left/right when in the envelope tab. Also numbers 1-8 corresponded to certain CC´s like gain, drive, atk, release but only with values 0 or 127, nothing in between, so just high or low gate and then they a reset after that.

I´m pretty sure this is related to the RK005 using the ableton script in the controller mode and I will message retrokits about this.

It was actually great for jamming with the volca while playing some tape tracks. So I´m trying to reproduce this as much as I can.

Anybody else experienced with this kinda behaviour? Is there a chart of all the buttons corresponding cc´s?

u should be able to change the midi channel on either the op1 or the volca so they don’t line up
then the CC’s and Program Change messages shouldn’t do anything

start/stop/clock messages don’t use the channel and will still link up

yeah well i want them to happen!

oh? so whats the problem then?

any midi monitor program will tell you what midi messages are being sent also
most of them are free. the one i use is just called ‘midi monitor’

ahhh…that’s useful info. i sometimes get midi feedback. this should stop it.