OP1 sync as slave with Boss RC 505

Hi everyone!! Anyone have any experience using an ext midi clock with the OP-1 via Boss RC-505 or other external gear? I can sync if OP1 is the master of my gear but when I´m trying to set up as slave it doesn´t receive the external clock through the RC-505, so it doesn´t work, it´s not recognized. As far as I know it´s supposed that I should see “EXT” in the OP1 screen. I´m using Miditech usb host changing the connections depending on different modes. Thanks in advance!

are you only having problems synching with the boss?

sometimes external synch with OP1 as slave doesn’t always work on first try for me.
but it always come good after a few minutes with switching things (OP1 and external gear) on and off.
there seems no rhyme or reason to it. but I always manage to get synch working pretty quickly.

From my experience the miditech hosts don’t work with midi clock - worked ok with just note data etc. I was trying to slave to Elektron MD. It would never show the green EXT

I ended up getting the Kenton USB Host and it now all works as it should.

I think the issue is the Miditech.

Many thanks! I thought Miditech was going to be enough for my purpose and I was saving money, anyway what you say makes sense… “if you pay peanuts you get monkeys” :frowning:
Thanks again!