OP1 tracks raising money for Australian bushfires

Hey all,

Hope it’s OK to put this here. Mods please feel free to delete. I haven’t been as active on the forum in the last 2 years since having a bub, but I’m hoping to come back here and contribute more again as family life settles down.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the ongoing, catastrophic fires happening all over Australia in the last few weeks. Two of my best mates lost their property, many more have lost their homes, and BILLIONS of wildlife have died. My city of Melbourne has been shrouded in toxic smoke now for days. And we are only at the start of our bushfire season which typically peaks in late January.

It’s - in a word - fucked.

I’m pretty stoked then that I was asked to donate some tracks to “Distress”, which is is a compilation of 39 electronic tunes with a heavy focus on synthesis. A friend of mine curated it, and all sales go to Wildlife Victoria to help rehabilitate animals affected by the fires. I have three tracks on there under three names representing different genres/aesthetics (Bribery, Slacktivist, and Lo.Fi.stro), the latter two of which are unreleased. All three of the tracks I submitted are based on the OP1 in different ways: the Slacktivist tune was 100% OP1 (including final performance onto the Vinyl recorder), and for drums and synths on the Bribery and Lo.Fi.stro tracks. The Bribery track was multi-tracked and layered, whereas the Lo.Fi.stro track was all a live, studio performance with some other synths to 2-track.

It’s a minimum of $5 donation and it’s got a bunch of well-known names on there - ranging from ambient, to synthwave, to hardcore, to hip hop. Pretty wild stuff on there. Here’s the Bandcamp link: LINK

Anyway, hope you all get to check it out - I’m happy to add more comments about specific techniques/gear I used in my three tracks, if you guys want to nerd out some more.


Your tracks sound great; the whole album sounds great and it is a great cause.

I purchased and subsequently fell in love with my OP-Z on holiday to Sydney and Melbourne. I love Australia and hope to go back someday. My heart breaks for what is happening.

Thank you for using your talents for a good cause.

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thanks mate, I appreciate all your words!

Hope you enjoyed your time here and got to see some of the epic music haunts we have.