Op1 vs Maschine MK3

I own an MK3 by maschine but want an OP1 . Besides the obvious size differences and also the MK3 needs to be plugged into a lab top. When it comes to basic function it seems to me that already owning an mk3 means I can essentially do everything I would be able to with an op1 however the op1 would just be so much more portable and since it’s sounds are pre loaded on the maschine their is no lugging my labtop around and waiting for samples to load/ occasionally dealing with slow OS. But as far as function it seems the mk3 handles most all the tasks the op1 can, aside from be a radio. What’s your guys say aye…

Maybe not the advice that you’re looking for, but I’ll say that a key reason to get the OP-1 is because for many, restrictions will breed creativity. Many things you will know how to do on the Machine will not be directly accomplishable with the OP-1, but you can certainly mimic many features.

For me, the OP-1 is something that I can carry with me always, and is a welcome companion on many travels. It’s also super simple enough, that you really can show many people how to do a few things on it and have a rocking good time, where as a lot of studio gear is incredibly inaccessible to newbies, and requires a lot of dedication. Where you’ll find dedication paying off for the OP-1 will be investing the time considering what you can do with the more limited options, and then applying what you learn back into your music.

Also, there isn’t much that can compare to the 4 track tape recorder on the OP-1 for just laying down some thoughts rapidly, and having a pretty decent amount of different synth, sampler, and FX options. For me, the OP-1 is still relevant today because it went far enough afield from traditional instruments that it has its own character, without being a totally alien device.

Still, it is an expensive device, and for the price you can absolutely flush yourself with studio gear. As you make your decision think about the pros/cons of the device, and whether you believe you can turn its cons for you into limitations you feel you may ultimately embrace. Things like limited space, limited sample time, and non removable storage may feel like overwhelming limitations at first, but if you think you can work with them, instead of against them, you may very well find yourself with a device that changes the way you approach your music.


maybe the op1 will click with you, maybe it wont.
but if it does click, it will change your life.

it’s worth taking that chance. and if you don’t like it, you can easily sell with little or no financial loss.


The OP-1 is way more than a spec list of what features it has. It’s about the design, about how those features fit together. The OP-1 is a joy to use, precisely because the parts all work so well together.

On paper, a guitar is pretty much the same as a violin, but with frets, and a bit bigger. Look beyond the specs, especially when it comes to creative gear.


I own both Maschine and OP-1 and to me they are completely different in terms of purpose.
Maschine is more like a DAW workhorse, you gotta sit down in front of your laptop, and turn on the “work” switch. The workflow is the usual DAW-like. That being said, although a lot of people love Maschine, I never seemed to click with It. I’m kind of more confortable with the regular DAW (Reaper in my case) and midi keyboard for VSTs.
The OP1s is more about fun, I rarely get tracks finished (as I do with DAW), but I get cool drafts and ideas which I import and work further within the DAW. At first, there’s a lot of practice and watch vídeos to master the OP1, but once you know the tools is fun yo work with It.

Just my 2cents

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Great points. Ultimately, what doesn’t translate in the specs is the workflow. The OP1 has a very unique workflow. Some people like it, and some don’t. Some people are inspired by it’s limitations. Maschine has limitations as well. But as fair as a comparison, these two are not even in the same ballpark, and I don’t think its appropriate to compare them. It’s like comparing Cars vs Planes, they are each their own thing with their own pros and cons.

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One important and simple thing to remember here in this comparison is that on the OP-1 you can only sequence one instrument at a time. You can’t have one sequencer doing some drums, another sequencer doing a synth, another doing some samples all simultaneously. You can only sequence one at a time. On the OP-1 its all about recording each instrument to the tape. If you then want to edit the sequence of an instrument you recorded, you then go back and re-record it to the tape again.

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Great Points. I think that speaks to some of the limitations of the OP1.

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All Great points. I think that maybe the Op-1 takes the cake for portability, I mean nothing seems yet to compare in ease of capturing thee flow off the top off the head at the time it vibes. The MK3 may shine for pre producing a show in more of a studio setting. I definitely love hitting those pads for that drum, but rhythm looks like it just flies out the OP. Definitely different tools/instruments for different tasks. I am so close to making the leap… oooh my tonight I said I was just gonna buy a few pocket operators and preorder that rick and morty 37; somehow it morphed into me teetering on the OP.

just placed the order for my OP-1 (:


I’m playing with the OP1 and the OPZ lately… was in your boat months ago thinking about P.O.'s, and just decided to go for the OP1. Been having a blast, and honestly it is super easy to show folks that know little about music how to play with it and come up with something interesting.

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I was debating heavily on adding the po-35 speak and or rick and Morty addition, I figured since the op was already in the cart I could hold off on pocket operators until I get the hang of op1 (: i did though add the strap kit so I can sling that puppy on my back. I feel like the yellow brick road led me here…