OP1 with Strymon Deco

Because there was a bunch of talk about it in the buy/sell section, I thought I’d chuck up a quick track using the Deco. Also used is the RE20 for when it gets real spacey. It’s just a simple loop, to show how wide and saturated the Deco can get. Later on I start to do some tape tricks and playing with the M1/2 which are set for delay stutters. Dammit I love delays…

The general flow of the track is:

Clean loop - Saturation on (about 30%) - Autoflange/ doubler on (bounce mode, mix down, lag all the way left - Mix gets turned up - lag gets turned up, flops over into delay territory (hence the slowdown pitch) - reverb from RE20 turned up - delay on re20 up - saturation slowly turned up to full, then crank the RE20 verb up so it gets all nasty

Then it kinda floats off in a kind of reverse order of the above