Op1 wont go to controlling screen with ableton live 10

hey friends. i have a problem with my op1 fw241 since some time.
i am trying to connect it to my mac and use it as a controller for ableton live 10. i downloaded the script and installed everything correctly but i wont work. i chose op1 in the ableton settings and turned in out and sync on, but my op1 wont change the screen to a controlling screen. after choosing comp -> control it just stays there and does nothing. it sends midi and i can use it as a midi keyboard and it plays the instrument in ableton AND i can change the octaves but thats all. i cant do any other controlls and i dont know the problem. its straight plugged into the mac.
i know that it once worked (i tried it some months ago) but i dont know what is different now. i installes the firmware from 237 to 241 just before that. it might be because of that.
does anybody have any ideas?

ps sorry for my bad english. its not my mother tongue

Согласен с тобой, аналогичная проблема: fw 241 (2019/11/22)

HI, I am having the same issue on my MacBook. Oddly enough, It works perfectly fine when plugged into my desktop PC - the op-1 control screen comes right up - but I cannot figure out how to bring it up on the Mac. I will keep fiddling with it and let you know if I can get it to work.

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OK I figured this out and have it working on my MacBook now. I was using the older scripts. The updated version (Latest commit 4f9193b on July 28, 2017) worked for me:


gonna try this today. thank you<3

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Hi mate, where did you find this version - it doesn’t seem to exist? Latest commit afaik is ab846d5 8 Jan 18.


Hi - strange, the link above in my May 5 reply is still working for me - goes to the July 28 commit. I see a jan 7 commit but it’s via a different link. The July 28 one is here:


from the readme:

LAST UPDATE - 28 Jul 2017

  • code cleanup
  • docs

Mate are you using Live 9 or 10 because this link appears to take me to the Live 9 commit? I’m using Live 10?

Hi, I’m using Live 10 - I see that one is labeled under the live-9 branch, but it is the one that worked for me.

I tried that Live 9 version but it completely screwed my OP1 up. I thought I’d bricked it, but a factory restore seems to have fixed it. I’m leaving it, not risking it anymore. Glad it’s working for you.

Aw man, I’m sorry it didn’t work for you and for the touble it put you through. In my case it worked for PC and Mac Ableton, after no luck with any of the other versions.

(Incidentally I’m running with the 241 firmware, tho I just read there’s a 242 now)

The latest Live 10 version sort of worked for me. In ctrl (T2) mode I didn’t get the expected Ableton integration screen - midi worked but synth performance didn’t. If I switched to OP1 (T1) mode synth performance worked, but I got the occasional rouge note when I played the keys on my OP1.

I was using firmware 241. I’ve since upgraded so might try again. I’m also only using Ableton Basic.