OP1 won't turn on while plugged in

Hey dudes,

I’m having a weird issue where my OP1 won’t power up if it’s plugged in to either an apple adapter or a powered USB hub. Haven’t tried it through my newer MacBook yet, since I don’t have a USB-C adapter with pass-thru charging.

Even after unplugging it, I have to try TE boot (sometimes a few times) to get it to power up. Once it’s on, I can plug it in and it appears to charge just fine.

I wish there was an option from the TE boot screen to continue to a normal start up.

Anyone experienced anything like this before?

Yeah mine doesn’t start unless I unplug the USB first. I have mine plugged into an oplab all the time.

I noticed something similar last night – I plugged the OP-1 into my iPad Pro charger (it outputs 1A instead of the older 0.5A chargers) and not long after the parameter knobs stopped having any effect when turned. I turned it off and back on, but it didn’t come back to life until I unplugged the USB cable.

So I’d stay away from the new Apple chargers…

Same here, often the OP-1 is too lazy to wake up when it’s feeding…
It’s not systematic though. Maybe something to do with the fact that it’s full.

BTW… You may report it !

Anyway, unplug it, and it will wake up :slight_smile:

Does yours turn on after you unplug it though?

I have to go into TE boot, then cycle the power again for it to start. Sometimes I have to do this a few times.

My op won’t turn on when plugged either… the one I had before was the same.

Does yours turn on after you unplug it though?

Yes, absolutely no pb.

I switch off the OP-1, unplug the USB cable and switch it on.
try TE Boot

Try unplugging it. Sometimes mine won’t power up if it’s connected.

If that doesn’t do it, try TE Boot (diagnostic mode) by holding Com when you turn it on.