Op1f as audio interface

I like using my opz with my ipad mini connected through usbc with my headphones plugged into the opz. no audio interface needed. I read of the feedback issue when doing this with the op1og, but get the same with my new op1field. Did TE really not adress it or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi, I think they did address the issue. You need to upgrade the firmware - there have been a couple of firmware updates since launch already.

i am on the latest firmware.

so to recap: I have my op1f connected to my ipad via usbc. my headphones plugged my nto the op1.

I am using the AUM input which shows up: OP1 L+R. then i add a few effects and the the output to op1 again.

in the shift+mic menu I use usb an then switch the input on. when I play I only hear the op1, no effects from AUM.

when I increase the trig in the usb menu, there’s massive feedback, whether the op1 volume is low or high.

what am I doing wrong?

You get feedback because you are sending the OP-1 output signal back into OP-1.

I think what you are trying to do is: add some effects to the OP-1 synth sound in AUM. You need to monitor through iPad instead – and also record there – to achieve this.

why does it work with the opz then? I think I would like to use the op1 field as a slightly overpriced usbc to headphones dongle. Ipad, op1, headphones and one usbc cable, like I do with the opz.

how can I monitor my ipad when the audio out interface slot is taken by the op1?

I think it comes down to the op1 not being able to shut down the internal wireing from the synth engines to the headphones. that shouldn‘t be too difficult. PLEASE TE!

Something along these lines makes sense. OPZ let’s you control routing of tracks so things like the line module can include some and not others. Op-1 does not so you’re still summing on the master perhaps.

It’s a reasonable feature request. Have you filed an official request and not just a complaint here?

Watched some videos and thought about it more.

I don’t know how much cpu room we have. There is enough to sum four tapes, whatever you’re playing, and another audio source.

I guess you could implement the feature without adding usb audio tracks? you can route some sources to the usb and some to the summing engine. Presumably this is just skipping summing for what you’re playing and only sending the audio buffer for what you’re playing to the usb instead of the whole sum?

(Does this mean it actually sums twice? Once before going to usb out and then once again merging the internal sum with the usb sum?)

Sorry for spam. I get it now. It’s just the single sum. That why you get the feedback.

It’s probably possible to select what gets routed over the audio interface (the mixer sum vs what’s being played now vs a single tape) without any real cpu/memory pressure and would enable some great stuff like external effects being directly applied and recorded.

You could even have the tape head read from tape 1 sent out over the interface back to the audio in and written back to tape 1 (or any other tape).

The options are pretty endless. I hope we get this!

You can mute the record track on OP-1 I believe in the mixer, say mute track 2… play your sequence from track one, record to muted track 2 with effects - you just won’t hear it till afterwards I don’t think. But it lets you put external effects on the tape at least.

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