Open Battle #03 "Anyone can play"

Some of us don’t own an OP-1 right now.
Yet wish to dump some tracks for an OP-1 battle. I guess here would be the right place to do so.

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When you say “right now” do you mean because you are in the ‘saving up’ stage of OP-1 purchase, or are you implying that you are one of those who got it, decided it was not for you and traded or sold it, only to realize that it was actually quite inspirational to work with, at a later time?

I see that a lot in the forums that I frequent, and admittedly found it to be a little uninspiring at $1300, when I got it, just after TE started producing mk2 (if you can call a screen change and a price raise mk2) units, but I am SOOOO glad that my own sense of “I saved so long for this, and I am not going to just flip it, 3 months later” took over, and made me keep it.

I have learned a lot of really neat tricks, and even now, over 10 years after it was released (much like the OT mk2) people are still showing me new things that I did not know I could do with it, and I think the people that say, I am insane for spending that much on a “toy” are very misinformed, and haven’t really examined its capabilities. :thinking:

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No, it’s much worse:

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OP-1 enthusiast since 2014 here ^^
Seems I have abused the FX button a bit too much…

Anyway, you get the point: this is an Open Battle for anyone to drop their track !!