Open PO packaging without damage?

Just got the PO’s in their awesome packaging, anyone know of a way to get them out without ripping the perforated section?

Yes, I just did that by carefuly inserting a plastic credit card like thing (same size, but thinner) at the glued side.

Yes, but inside the packaging is fun, typical TE goofiness and such.

Oh you did get it nice! Ya you have to read the cute little stories on the inside too.

Use a scalpel / stanley knife blade to cut down one edge of the perforation. It then stays attached.

Hehe, I just gleefully ripped the tear strip and started operating, I snapped the hanger tabs off too! It felt dirty and good, lol :wink:

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i really enjoyed snapping the hanger off. possibly too much!

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How on earth do you hang it now?