Operator in the Park 1? (Helsinki, elsewhere?)

It’s summer where most of the members of this forum are located, and the weather’s great in Helsinki today. That made me think about the “What are you all doing” thread in the old forum, where we talked about having a Helsinki meetup. @op1kenopi, @josker, anybody else? Are you interested to meet up in a park, bring some drinks, OP-1, and a portable speaker? Sounds nice eh? =)

Maybe we should make an events Category, organize meetups and what not, would be fun for peeps who are stuck in their respective countries.

Good idea @Erhenius. I’ve moved this to a new Events & Gatherings category

It would be very nice @vehka , though I am still in Italy for holiday, back in Finland in a week… then I am definitely in for some meetup :slight_smile:

Yes! Next week sounds good, I’m on vacation!

I wish i could come! What a great idea for a mini-festival in the sunshine :slight_smile:

Excellent! I’ll PM you a link to a doodle poll so we can come up with a time that’s good for everyone. Let’s hope the weather stays like this… I’m just on my way to the H2Ö festival in Turku…

hey, nice idea, i would like to join u guys!

PM’d you! In case you didn’t notice the message: We’re talking about Wednesday 23rd. @josker, @xjx, is that ok for you?

ehi @vehka @xjx @josker look at this :smiley:
I bought it yesterday to have a small portable speaker, in occasion of our OP-1 meetup tomorrow!
Impressive sound and nice feel for a 13 € thing! (Chinese shop)

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That’s a lot funkier-looking than my beige Logitech speaker, hehehe.

I expect plenty of photos/maybe a video. I must live vicariously through you people…

it was fun :slight_smile: nice jam, drinks and chat. Perfect weather!
unfortunately only vehka and myself (orange t-shirt), but hopefully there will be more situations like this from now on; I am definitely in for more.

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Yeah really nice chatting and jamming with you @OP1kenopi! The weather was about as perfect as can be in Finland. Next time with @josker and @xjx so we have a whole quarter eh?

Some thoughts about jamming live with the OP-1 (it was the 1st time for us both):

For some reason, it’s quite difficult to start the tape in sync to a running beat. There’s some kind of latency? So better keep the tapes running all the time, once you have them in sync. That makes it difficult to build a song out of loops on the fly. Or is there some kind of way to move the loop 1 bar forward and copy existing loop parts without stopping the tape?

The G sensor is pretty fun LFO source in live use. =)

On a bright day, the screen is very very dim. So better know all shift functionality by heart!

In a quiet spot outdoors, even tiny speakers like we had provide enough sound for fun to be had! =)

Oh man, that really looks nice! I’m pb and jelly, let’s get this going Cali, or just @dimi3. 3-)

I rode my bike to cross country to the Norther Nights musicfest in Cali and took the OP-1, my netbook, and a lapaxe. It was more than enough! I love portable powertools.
hoteltentstu northngthot

Very cool @flybry that’s the spirit! :slight_smile:

Here is one more of mine, summer day with OP-1 and its little friend Volca bass. Once again, Lauttasaari / Helsinki 24.7.14. (Trying to get them in sync through the Volca’s cv gate in).

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love the meet up idea. I actually looked on meetup.com at the weekend to see if anyone was already doing it. I’m based in London and would be well up for a summer park jam if anyone’s interested?