OPF_Drum kit Utility

Hi ,
I’m trying to create Drums kit with all my collection of vintage drum machines.
i want to do it on op-1 Fun so i could share it but the tools doesn’t seams adapted for the Field

  • Sampling max time 12 sec on the site
  • Seams to be mono only ?
    is there a tool capable of using the 20sec sampling time + the stereo capability for the Field ?

Thanks for your help


There is not yet, and it’s sad.
I was starting to build a program myself, copying on Zach Scholl’s work

but because TE said they would release their own, and the way this looks to be implemented in the aif files, I decided I would not waste my time.
(If someone starts, let me tell you that there is key info that Zach found out by trial and error, but the dice is rerolled on the Field…)
But from TE having all the information on the implementation, I just don’t get why it isn’t out yet…


It would be great to have this. I missed that TE said they were doing this - got a link??

afaik it wasn’t officially announced, just rumored from a beta/prototype tester. but damn doesn’t seem like a complicated thing to make and pretty disappointing that the rumors are so far untrue. the og drum utility was insanely useful. hell, i’d pay for a field drum utility at this point, someone just do it and i’ll pay!


Oh come on don’t say that, they’ll definitely charge us now haha

In all seriousness though, I would really appreciate an IOS app or mac utility that would allow for faster easier slotting of one shots, panning and chopping of samples. I’m doing excessive knob turning right now haha

I’m sure it’s coming…


Well I though I would do something really cool but the way it’s implemented in the files is pretty cryptic so it feels like to much work actually

we’re still touching up some ux and bugs before our version is ready to release.
plan is to make the javascript so simple so it can be implemented on 3rd party websites if someone wants to. this will not be part of first launch tho


I would love the kit maker guys including the op-1 preset files in their utilities.
Please consider batch in the utility!


Any news on that front ? Would be happy to help.