OPLab and Elektron Analog Four/Keys CV - Pitch tracking issue

Did anyone ever got to make Analog 4 CV work properly with oplab? I have some weird issues with pitch being incorrectly tracked for one note after a note change and then becoming properly tracked. Seems like other people had the same problem from this elektronauts thread (see over there for my description), but no solutions.

Anyone here got this setup working? I'm gonna try to get my hand on a voltmeter to see if the problem is from the A4 or the OpLab (I'm a complete CV newbie), but I hope I'm just doing something wrong...

Just wondering, is anyone using the oplab as a cv to midi interface with a different setup? Is it working fine for you? I’m trying to single out what’s the cause of the problem in the chain and my doubts are on the oplab at the moment.


After checking the pitch voltage sent from the analog four is stable. So the issue is definitely on the oplab side.

I’ve reinstalled the latest firmware to make sure its up to date, especially since it mentions this in the change log:

CV1 input sampling is lagging behind (e.g. when using analog sequencer to MIDI)

But same problem. I have access to Mode 5, so I’m definitely on the latest firmware. Tried every switch combination as well even though they are supposed to be related to CV out only.

Well well well, seems like CV to midi simply never worked correctly. Haven’t been able to find any trace of anyone having success with this setup, only issues…