OPLAB and JU-06

Hi All,

Does anyone have an OPLAB and JU-06? I’m just wondering if one of the two USB host ports is powerful enough to power the JU-06 off USB?

I’m aiming to have a minimal setup of OP-1, OPLAB and JU-06, would prefer if I could just plug the JU-06 into the OPLAB instead of to another USB power source.


It should work just fine. I don’t have an OPLab, but it has 1.5 amps going through the USB port. My JU-06 works great when connected to a 5v usb power bank at 1 amp.


Thanks for the info guys…

I have just tested - the OPLAB will power the JU-06, though unfortunately it won’t send midi through USB at the same time, if you connect via midi as well it will work…