Oplab digital ins outs problem?


i purchase a new Oplab some days ago.

I test some functions and i have found some strange behavior with digital ins-outs. I test it Oplab 03: triggers video


When i connect in 17x2 matrix the cables to the first hole (top-left) no make nothing. No actions in my OP1. The working holes are 2-11 (9 holes). Is it ok? In TE video i see a cable in first hole and it work. What happen with other eight holes (1, 11-17)? No trigger function?

In the other hand, when i plug the “mallet” cable i can use all 13 first holes works (1 to 13). From 14 to 17 no actions in Oplab.

I don’t know if my new unit is faulty or it’s normal. I can’t find documentation about this. Specs say 12x2 digitals in-outs, but only 9 works in my Oplab. Is it defective?


I doubt it’s defective I found the same kind of thing going on - it really would be great to have some guidance from TE on the digital IO.

Thanks for your reply and tests.

So Oplab 2014 only have 9 triggers (2 to 11) in actual firmware.
Another note: when i use digital IO the CV1-out light go continuous on. Change mode don’t turn off the led, only reboot Oplab turn off it.

Oldies oplabs test here?

Oplab digital outputs also sometimes latch up, I have emailed TE about this, waiting to hear back…

Sadly, I am slowly arriving at a conclusion that OpLab is a scam…

For reference here are the pinouts for the ins/outs

1, 2: Digital ground
3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25: Digital Outputs
4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26: Digital Inputs
27: +3.3V

What’s the status of the Oplab, is it worth buying? Or should I just go with the http://www.kentonuk.com/products/items/utilities/usb-host.shtml?

My main goal is to control the Microgranny with the keys of an OP-1, without a computer. But I also have analog synth gear, so i could theoretically benefit from the CV i/o:s.

I guess one way to solve it would be to get a Midi Bastl and let the PO-12 set the BPM for it to control the Microgranny. Am I thinking right here, help! :slight_smile:

@Ullbasunen I’d just go with the kenton. I don’t know much about the midi bastl and I’ve heard some questionable things about OPlab. The kenton will let you control your other gear with the op-1 keys and sequencers just fine.

@lymtronics thanks for the reply :slight_smile: the kenton won’t give me clock out, i guess… maybe i need both the kenton and the midi bastl…

@Ullbasunen check out my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPzj3IrwaZI


When I had a MicroGranny with MidiBastl I used a Kenton USB Midi Hub to plug into the OP-1. The midi out from the hub would then go into the MicroGranny, then I used the MidiBastl Midi-Out to then connect my Korg Volca Bass.

The clock when playing tape was sent to all devices.
and I’m pretty sure that when I played notes on the OP-1 it would play on the MG and Volca too so had to change their midi input channels so it wouldnt do so any more.

Hope that helps.

@spacetravelmadeeasy lovely tune, that is! and thanks mate, that helps!

Oh! You can change the midi channel on the Volcas!? I’ve been messing with a similar setup and that’s been driving me nuts. This is going to change everything!

Btw, would Arturia Beatstep Pro do the job as a midi host for the OP-1?


Arturia support told me:
"You’ll still need an iConnect MIDI to use the Beatstep Pro with the TE OP-1.
Let me know if you need further information."

Would be interested to hear people comparing OPLab against iConnectMIDI …