OPLab for Live Performance question


I’m working on a 1-hr piece of music for a live performance to accompany a dance piece. I would like to perform this WITHOUT a laptop being involved.

I bought the OPlab when i bought the first three POs, hoping that i could use the OPlab to synch the POs (especially the PO-12) with the Moog Mother 32 unit, so that the Moog sequencer would be sync’d with the drum pattern of the PO.

I assumed i’d be able to use the internal clock on the OPlab to control all of the devices but apparently not. (i can get it to control the Moog but not the PO).
Nor can i use the PO to send a signal that will control the Moog.

Am I SOL or is there something i’m not thinking of?

Thanks for any advice!

Do you have the latest OS on your Oplab? If not update it, then when done set the Oplab to mode 5 and have the moog send midi clock into the Oplab, then sync the PO’s from CV out 1 - try that.

If you want to use the internal clock of the Oplab to sync all the devices (for example if you wanted tap tempo) unfortunately mode 4 does not currently output clock from the CV outs.

Oh and if you want some additional clocking options from Oplab (including working in mode 4) then check out this, I still have a few left https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/654/poll-oplab-owners-any-interest-in-an-add-on-board-that-gives-clock-outputs-for-volca-po12-etc/p1

ok thanks for this, i have NOT put the latest OS on my Oplab and even though i purchased it just before xmas i assume it’s not been updated. i will do that.

but the midi clock coming from the mother32, i didn’t know it sent midi both ways from the DIN port on the front? or are you suggesting using the “assign” output, which i am already using to send clock to a second mother32…

Ah, sorry I thought the M32 sent midi clock but it does not. The only way around without buying anything else is to send midi clock from oplab to M32, then send sequencer clock to the assign out on M32, then split it to your other M32 and PO, the only caveat is that you will have to settle on the same clock rate for PO and M32.