OpLab Internal Routing Question

Hi guys!

Well I’m pretty happy with my op-1 and OPLab after the recent updates! But one thing intrigues me… I can’t find in the manual neither by pinching around the oplab, on HOW can i for example set a Midi Channel specifically to send gates and cv from my Octatrack to my modular? It should be pretty easy to for example have op-1 on USB addressed as midi channel 6, and midi channel 7 midi to cv/gate out to use it all on Octatrack!

Hope I’ve been clear… Thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

The oplab receives and sends on all MIDI channels, so if you want a specific MIDI channel routed to a specific device, you should make that setting in the receiving device (which is the normal MIDI way to do it).

The CV interface only listens to channels 1 and 15, so if you want a device to control CV, set it to send on one of these.

So, to control your modular and OP-1 from octatrack:
- Set OP-1 to listen to channel 6
- Set octatrack to send on channel 1 for CV, and on channel 6 for OP-1
- Set oplab in mode 0 and select the octatrack as input (with buttons A/B)