OPLab merge (Mode 1) + cv modes stability


I may have the chance to get my hands on an oplab and I’m currently evaluating if it would fit my need.

I want to use it to:
- Send midi out from my soonuus g2m (guitar signal to midi converter) to oplab
- Send cv outs from analog keys to oplab
- Send oplab midi output from these 2 inputs to my evolver

However, reading from oplab guide, “Mode 2 / USB frenzy” is the only mode with a mention of midi & cv being merged together. “Mode 1 / single destination” seems to be exactly like what I need (even the illustrated examples), but it doesn’t mention any merging. Is it only the mysterious writing from TE’s funky but definitely not technical writers who forgot to mention this? :wink:

And if not… if mode 1 is not doing any merges, then what the heck is it doing to the multiple signals? Just sending whichever ones it receives? (ie. would it still work fine if oplab is not receiving signal from both g2m and analog keys simultaneously?)

Also, as a side question: how stable is it since the last os update? I’ve read about issues needing random reboots when using CV on this forum, but I couldn’t find if they have been fixed since. I want to use this in a live setup, so if it still has some random crashing issues, it would a no go for me :confused:

Thanks for any shared experience on these!

After testing myself: mode 1 is indeed merging perfectly (Sent signal from CV, USB and midi in and it all smoothly went together to midi out)

Hi John,
read your post about the Oplab, how content are you so far with the device?
Read many bad reviews, but it seems such a good concept… I’m unsure whether to buy or not …

My problems with my OP-1 began when I started using the OPlab. All I want to do is send midi to the OP-1. I had it on ‘mode 2’ although ‘mode 3’ worked too. When I connected my iPad I started to get a humming sound so I stopped encorporating the iPad in my set up.

I have to admit. I found the guides difficult to understand too.

I have two questions;

  • What mode would you use for just sending OP-1 midi?
  • What mode would you use for sending midi to both the OP-1 and iPad?

Nice to read your experiences so far @johngredin
My advice @triggas would be to make sure you are going to utilize the OPlab fully. I bought it because I like the idea of the potential it has and if I get time then I WOULD LOVE TOO experiment more with it. I have thought about selling it and picking up a simpler device to send midi. If you just need it for midi then I’d get something else. Kenton midi device or iConnect midi. Not really sure, maybe somebody else can chime in on that front :slight_smile:

@triggas I share the same opinion stated by @HisMostDarxxxellent. I’ve bought the oplab for cv pitch/gate to midi conversion and it’s definitely not working correctly (see this thread https://operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/3341/oplab-and-elektron-analog-four-keys-cv-pitch-tracking-issue).

Midi <-> usb host/conversion/merge works fine, but for the price, you’ll get a much more reliable and flexible product with an iConnect/kenton product. I already have an iConnectAudio4+ and beside the confusing software, it solves so many problems reliably for half the price of an oplab. The only added value that is working on the oplap is using it to interface midi/usb device (like the OP-1) with CV signal for something else than pitch, like sending lfo from the op1 to a modular or vice-versa.