Oplab module discontinued?

Theres rumour on reddit the oplab module for opz has been discontinued. it makes sense because its been out of stock for 3 or 4 months and it doesnt appear that any more are being produced or on the way and thats the only explanation i can think of that would explain why they have been out of stock for so long … just wondering if anyone else had heard this thanks!

Lol lol


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It seems typical of TE to have supply/inventory problems. Either they do not properly gauge the demand of their products when ordering as they are frequently out of stock, or this may be a strategy to build hype and demand for their products. Knowing you can’t have something tends to make some people want it more.

I think it’s natural to manufacture a smaller first batch and then see how many items are sold and how they perform in the wild (undetected bugs, possible improvements, etc). Not all issues can be detected in a beta / pre-production run.

this is gettibg absolutely ridiculous i got the op1 to sequence my gear and the module that lets u do that had been out of stock fir six months is this a joke