OPlab module LFO question

Hi everybody!

I finally am close to buying the OPlab module for my OP-Z and was wondering, you can apply the LFO parameters to CV 2 & CV 3?
If not, will this be implemented in future? @tngjonas

imagine all the possibilities!

  • RANDOM LFO to CV = random voltage generator
  • SAW (single) = simple envelope
  • probably many more :wink:
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No, right now the CV channel only supports CV 2 & 3. There’s no actual LFO on that channel. I would absolutely love that because the other two encoders and 3 pages don’t really do anything on that channel.

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I haven’t tested it, but you can send cv from any track for e.g. the lead track, when you set the midichannel on 14 (wich is the module track). The you can apply the lfo. But I don’t know if it does something. Maybe I will try it later.

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Thanks, that would be nice!

thanks!..too bad

You can use the sequencer to sequence lock the two CV knobs… it’s way better then a lfo.

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Thanks, but doesn’t that mean, it would be very “steppy” as opposed to smooth lfo?

Idk… it didn’t sound steppy to me but people say that.