Oplab Module Op-z Trig Input to Sync / Monotribe / audio click / 5v

I’m wanting to sync my korg ds 10 cart from a ds 3.5 stereo jack to a monotribe to the op-z. I have the the click from a ds running in sync to the monotribe no problem. the sync out is 5v and running that to the trig in on the oplab module. On the op-z I hit track+shift+0 but i’m really not following what it would trigger if it did. I’m hoping for start/stop and tempo. Ive tried mono cables, stereo, trs to split mono etc. I cannot sync the ds without a monotribe or volca input but can’t seem to get the monotribe to sync to anything else. The monotribe has a midi in and out board but that seems to send all data except a clock. I have tried sending the midi data to iconnect midi and that works through an ipad but it does not send a clock there either. all comments welcome as I am missing something very simple. Thanks

What cabling TS/TRS is going into the OPZ? Have you tried different switch positions on the module? Does the module ever light light up? Can you clock out of the module (place steps on the module track)?

I was able to sync through an iconnect midi 4+ and an ipad for routing. When I hit play on the ds and then play on monotribe the op-z plays in sync