Oplab Module orders are getting cancelled !?

Hi there,

A friend of mine ordered the Oplab last week and his order was cancelled by TE yesterday and money refunded.

I received my Oplab last week and experience(d) a few weird things that are mentioned in other threads on this forum.
I was wondering if there might be production problems and TE stopped orders until they have been solved?!
Could it be that the already shipped Oplab modules are faulty? If so, has anyone heard anything?


My oplab order is still being processed and should ship soon, that’s what customer support told me today. I saw someone on the fb group having his order canceled because of an inventory error, you should ask them directly.

I received the module and have been experiencing issues with it that are not user related or even software. The module itself doesn’t seem to fit into the opz very well and can cause it to lose connection with the opz frequently. I just put in a service request to TE and will let you know how they respond.

My room mate and I both have an op-z. I ordered a module. So far the only issues we have had are really user issues. One could say they are design issues because I can’t switch from midi to a pocket operator without taking the back off, but I think I can live with it. The other user issue we both had was not reading the directions and not clipping the module in.

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