Oplab module - very fussy about 3.5mm MIDI adapter?

I hope this helps someone… just spent an hour debugging this :slight_smile:

I have an OP-Z with oplab module installed, ins/outs set to MIDI.
Been trying to trigger drums on OP-Z using a Nektar Aura Beat Composer.
I’ve set up the 16 Aura pads to trigger notes in the OP-Z’s range on Channels 1-4.
When routing the Aura to Mac, Mac to OP-Z via USB, these triggers work fine.

However, when plugging in the MIDI Out of Aura to MIDI in of OP-Z with a 3.5mm MIDI adapter into OP-Z, I see a slight light (indicating MIDI in being received), but no notes played.

I tried 3 different White Arturia MIDI 3.5mm jacks - each had the same problem.
Finally, I used the Black 3.5 MIDI jack adapter that shipped with the OP-Z, and hurray, notes played!

So in summary, I guess not all 3.5mm MIDI adapters are created equal, and I should stick to using the TE ones?! :smiley:

yes not all 3.5mm TRS MIDI adapter are created equal
there are two different wirings. Type A and Type B

when TRS MIDI first hit the scene there was no official spec
so some companies did one way while others did another.
which created this confusion and incompatibility

after some time, the MIDI organization adopted the official spec which is Type A
but some companies who were already using Type B still use those.

Arturia is Type B while TE is using Type A so makes sense why your Arturia adapters wouldn’t work

good detail in this article right here


Thanks, that makes a lot sense now, cheers @docshermsticks :ok_hand: