Oplab module whats the hold up?

the opz oplab module doesnt appear to be that complicated of a build but apparently it is based on how long its been out of stock… i mean i understand they made up a batch of around 12 of them and they were surprised when they sold out rather quickly and they had absolutely no plan to produce anymore? i mean whats the reason for the delay did they lose the schematic does sweden run on a much slower schedule than the rest of the universe this is unbelievable ive spent months and months waiting on something that should of been included with the product in the first place i mean id like to be able to actuallly sequence things with the opz but at this rate ill die of old age before another batch of oplabs are released its crap

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Just got one from MeMe Antenna over the weekend fam.

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Why not just make your own then?


Yes, it is happening to many people, at least I read it in the facebook group and there are lot of guys complaining about this pool quality.

maybe that’s the reason. Great thing but it looks a bit wonky when he plays the keys! seems like you have to press so hard that the whole unit bends a bit. meeh

Well I’m pretty sure your not supposed to beanie to see the ribbon cable, I don’t think he put the keyboard high enough on the chassis. It’s probably being pinched there.

Was thinking about byuing a OP-Z module. But i dont need the CV, just want to use MIDI to clock/sequence external gear.

Shouldn´t i be good using just an USB-C to USB-A adapter and a regulare USB to MIDI interface/cable?

I don’t see why not!

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Just going to try that. Ill save me some cash for sure, tanks!

That’s all I do, a cheapo Aukey USB-c adaptor to a $10 1 in 1 out midi interface I got on amazon. Works great, costs like $15 total.

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I was wondering if ots possible to use a Arturia Keystep with the same effect. Anyone had any luck?

I’ve used it as an USB to CV/Gate before I sold it and I guess it should work when set to midi thru I guess! there was something in the editor to take care of…

i wish the midi setup page could show the connected midi devices to select them. the Qunexus for instance shows up as 3 single midi destinations for Modulation and CV/Gate signals.

Yes. It works fine.

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You’re using the keystep as a midi to CV convertor out of the OPZ via USB-C??

No, I haven’t tried CV. Works with MIDI though.

You must of got the last one cause they are all out now.

My OPLAB module does not work with Trigger IN to sync. The MIDI side works, but after the last sampler update it lost the ability to sync over TRIG IN. It only uses Midi or USB. Can anyone else confirm this?

id like to tell you im surprised but with teenage e gineering nothing seems to work 100%

I have figured it all out now and can get sync to work. Last update was pretty rock solid and I noticed that you have to set track length to 0 to get the track to externally share clock…