OPLab only for MIDI sync? Is it worth?

Hello! Quick question:

There´s a friend selling an OPLab. However, I´m only interested to MIDI sync my OP-1 with Ableton Live and Elektron hardware. Should I buy it or the iConnect IMIDI4+ is a better option? Thanks a lot!

When you have coputer host with ableton you actually don’t need it, that I would think. Anyway I would buy a beatstep pro for € 200,- and you have even 3 seq extra plus.

@mixrasta true thing - I can just use the USB of the OP-1 (Octatrack/Analog Rytm > Ableton > Audio Interface > OP-1, right?). However, for live uses without computers I still need a kind of MIDI conection.

Yes, the problem with the host when you have no computer…