Oplab, OP1 and SP404SX


I have the OP1 and SP404SX, ultimately I want them to share tempo. Is this possible with the oplab?.

Im pretty sure it is but need to know for certain.


I am also considering throwing an Octatrak in the mix.

I have sync’d my OP-1 and Octatrack with my Oplab, so yes. There’s a mode for the Oplab to send clock iirc, but I just let the OT handle it. You will need to consider this, though: Right now the Oplab firmware has a bug that won’t let it send MIDI from the In to the Out. It’s supposed to be fixed in the next update, but it’s been like this since 2012. Take that how you will…

You could try and use the Oplab in Mode 4 (Clock Maker. A and B send stop and start commands, C is a tap tempo), plug the OP-1 into USB A or B, MIDI Out to Octatrack In, and if you just want to sync the 404SX and use its sequencer, then OT MIDI Thru to 404 MIDI In. Obviously if you want the OT to control the 404, then OT MIDI Out to 404 MIDI In.

I think you’d be better served by a cheaper iConnectMIDI4+ tbh. The Octatrack has a fine MIDI clock. I only have an Oplab because I got it on sale for $253, and I had a MicroBrute at the time so CV, MIDI, and USB on one device was handy to have.

Thanks KrisM, appreciate the reply. I’m going to give the oplab a miss, I can’t really see myself needing to sync my op1 and octatrack. Cheers!.