Oplab question


I have received oplab and i try it today

I connect op-z / oplab to

  • modal skulpt
  • digitone

I use channel 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 for digitone
And channel 11 for skulpt

Channel 11 is track « tape »
Modal skulpt have 4 voices and i can t sequence more than 1 note to a step … on this channel

If i sequence 4 notes (by step) with lenght i can ear the 4 voices

Why i can t put 4 notes in a step ?

Channel 15 is dmx track

I can t apply a step like an other track
When i push a step there are no red light on
But we can ear note
It s bad …

A solution ?

On channel 11 or 15 (i haven t try other track)
Track « tape » and « dmx »
I can t switch octave by - and +

A solution ?

I have see on skulpt it has cc value for octave
But digitone haven t cc value for this …

Thank you
Sorry for language i m french

Some. CHannels are mono others are poly.
Solution use channel 1-8 for poly.

I only have a solution for 2.:
By pressing “-” or “+” on dmx-track, you can switch between the “lights-view”, where you see the lights moving/changing and the “sequencer-view”, where you can see your steps.

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Thanks a lot
I try soon those tips