Oplab repairs

Hello everyone
I have an oplab that has stopped working
I would like to get it fixed
Is there anyone who has suggestions about how or where to get it serviced

What exactly is the problem? - given that it’s a proprietary firmware that isn’t open source (as far as I am aware), if the unit is no longer responsive, I would suggest contacting Teenage Engineering directly.

I did and as usual unhelpful as shit
Saying since they do not make the oplab
They can’t help me
Arrogant assholes
That they are
Please help

any local electronics repair shop should be able to fix it

Really I hope so
Thank you

Unfortunately that is not necessarily true because the OPlab has a microcontroller and the firmware is proprietary and not public available.

Tell us more about the Details!
what’s happening, did you do a factory reset or a fresh installation of the current os.

Check the connection because oplab can be powered via usb aswell

How did I do a fractory reset
And I tried using USB port
No luck
I really like this device
Want to try and get it fixed somehow
Thanks for the tips

In defense of TE: the OPLab has been discontinued for some years now. There’s not much that can be repaired, maybe the connectors/sockets but everything else is highly integrated into the board. If the cpu is fried, there’s nothing much that can be done except replacing the whole thing. I doubt that there’s any backup stock left, so even if they wanted to help you they probably can’t.

Opening up the circuit schematic and the code would be a way to help…

How would that help?