Oplab setup problem with multi-instrument rig... Please help!


I have been trying to finalize what I was hoping would be a pretty simple set up using the following gear: Nord Stage 2 EX, Moog Minitaur, Oplab and OP1… I have the Nord Stage USB hub going into the USB hub in the Oplab… I then have the OP1 going into the other USB hub in the Oplab… I then have a standard Midi cable coming out of the Oplab (Midi out) and going into the Moog Minitaur (Midi in). The problem that I’ve been getting is that the Oplab seems to be triggering the Midi clock on the OP1, so that the audio of the synth on the OP1 is being triggered… I have the Oplab in mode #2… I see in the manual that somehow the last midi message sent is what determines the Midi clock… Sometimes the midi clock doesn’t get activated on the OP1 (so as to play a low steady note)… When it does, I try resetting everything and then after an hour or two, I just switch everything off and go to bed… Pissed…

Does anyone know if maybe I should be using another mode? I am able to control the Op1 through the nord, plus send the audio of the nord into the Moog so I can filter and sweep the sounds of the nord using the Moog… Just wish I had a handle of the low notes being activated on the OP1 by what seems to be the Midi clock… I am sooooo close!!! Please help! Thanks! Yogi108

@Jon any chance you have any suggestions? Thanks!


MIDI clock doesn’t normally trigger any notes on the OP1. Are you sure this is what’s happening? For example, if you turn the MIDI clock output off on the Nord, does that help?

If you could explain how you want the setup to work, I can give better advice on how to achieve it.
If you want the Nord to be the “master keyboard” for the other synths, you should use Mode 1 and make sure to select the Nord as input.