Oplab (ZM-1) stops sending/receiving MIDI?

I use the oplab in my OP-Z to send and receive MIDI data and I just started having an issue with it yesterday. I’ll be playing a sequence and out of nowhere the MIDI will just stop sending/receiving. The sequence continues to play (I am often using the drum tracks on OP-Z while sequencing external synths), but usually some of my external synths have hanging notes because they didn’t receive a “note off” message when the Z stopped sending.

If I turn off and then back on the Z, it immediately works like normal again, but it won’t be long before it stops sending/receiving. Seems like it usually happens after 2-4 minutes of playing, but I’ve noticed that if I do an immediate restart, sometimes it will stop in less than 20 seconds on the next time.

I popped open the Z and the module itself seems to be seated properly so I don’t think that’s an issue.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any ideas about what else I might try?

Unfortunately yes! Got my Oplab today I have exactly the same problem. Factory reset did not help. Both midi and CV drop out after some time (seconds or minutes).

Did you reach out to TE already?

Did you update the op-z AND the oplab module to the newest firmware?

Updating my oplab’s firmware seemed to fix it for me.


Thank you, sir! Must have skipped that in the manual (updating the module itself). So far all runs smoothly.
In other words: Ich Depp! 🤦🏻

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